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1 Kit - $22.50 [Kit comes in resealable plastic bag]Shipping Included!

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2 for $30.00!  [Kits come in resealable plastic bags] + $6.10 Shipping​

3 or more kits - $14.00 Each [Kits come in resealable plastic bags] + $13.45 (Domestic) Shipping​



Length: 4.29"   Width: 3.13"    Weight: 5.8 oz        

​                     $60.00

  • Each fossil dig kit comes with 5-10 authentic shark teeth buried in golden North Carolina sand. 

  • The kit includes teeth of a variety of shark species, including Megalodon! (1 in 10 kits has a FULL Megalodon tooth, and every kit has a partial Megalodon tooth!).

  • ​Each kit includes a species identification chart so you'll know which shark each tooth came from.

  • One of the most unique gifts you can give! Your fossil hunter will love sifting through the sand and finding their very own shark teeth!

Fossil Dig Kits!

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